Tips to find Pediatric rheumatologist near me

If your kid complains about pain in the bones, muscles, tendons or joins, then it might be possible that the child has arthritis. Arthritis can attack at any age, and the pain is hard to bear for kids. If this is the case, then you should immediately look for Pediatric rheumatologist near me.

Who is a Pediatric Rheumatologist?

You should know about Pediatric Rheumatologist before you start searching for Pediatric rheumatologist near me. This would not only add up to your knowledge but also make your search easier.

Pediatric Rheumatologist is an exceptional doctor for the care of children with rheumatic disorders. These doctors have specialization of 2 to 3 years in Pediatric Rheumatology. These certified doctors are specialized in treating these diseases, especially arthritis.

Are these Pediatric rheumatologist near me trained enough to treat my kids?

The pediatric rheumatologists who are certified to practice, go through a unique training
course, as follows:-

  •    In the medical school for four years, generally studying about medicines.
  •    Doing Pediatric residency training for three additional years, learning the treatment of arthritis and other joint related problems that fall under the category of rheumatology.
  •    Three years of additional training for teens and kids. It is a fellowship training that includes treatment of the bones, muscles, joints and other connective tissues disorders in the body.
  •    At the end receiving the certification of the board. This certification is awarded by the pediatric rheumatology authorities of the American board.

Different treatments provided by the Pediatric rheumatologist near me

Apart from arthritis, there are many diseases that Pediatric rheumatologist can treat. These include the following

  •    Kawasaki disease, inflammatory disease, chronic vacuities, post-infectious arthritis.
  •    Prolonged fever’s evaluation.
  •    Scleroderma, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, lupus
  •    Fatigue, poor appetite, weakness
  •    Joint swelling, weight loss, and anemia

How would you find Pediatric rheumatologist near me

There are a lot of factors dependent upon deciding who is a good Pediatric rheumatologist. You may ask your friends, colleagues and other sources but the fastest one is the internet. Internet cuts down all the hassles and time in finding a good Pediatric rheumatologist. Moreover, proper research is required to find the best Pediatric rheumatologist near me. Here are the factors that may help you to compare these medical professionals.

  •   Experience:- Find a doctor with years of experience than a fresh doctor. An experienced doctor is required to treat diseases like arthritis. As some of the diseases have not yet confirmed a treatment, but a doctor with more experience would add up more value to the procedure.
  •    Location:- The location of the clinic should be closest to you. This is required in case of an emergency.
  •   Previous record:- Look for the prior record of the doctor in handling such cases. Choose the doctor who has already gone through treating such disorders.

Some of the best known Pediatric rheumatologist near me:

  1. Castle Connolly, San Francisco

2. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

3. Massachusetts General Hospital

4. UCLA Medical Center

5. Cleveland Clinic